Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett has been teaching music as “Mr. Music” for over 25 years in local elementary schools. With his singing dog puppet, “Octave” he is a big hit with the elementary school children, who learn music principles while having fun. He also brings a wide variety of assemblies to the schools, (seeĀ assemblies) and is available for music performances and fundraisers.

Kim Atkinson

Kim Atkinson is a master percussionist, teacher and drum circle leader, who plays all the rhythms from Afro-Cuban, to Brazilian and Latin beats. He is also an expert on body rhythms, which are a fun way for kids to learn how to keep beats on their own bodies. He presents a wide variety of rhythm workshops and classes. His website is:

Janet Green

Janet Greene is a gifted music teacher, and Orff specialist. Her techniques are engaging for children, and the depth of her song and music knowledge, make her one of the finest music instructors in the area. Janet has developed curriculum materials which integrate music and dance into the math, science and language arts disciplines. She has also received several grants to teach English with music for second language learners. Her website is:


and Village Rhythms